Fueling Fantasies – 5 Common Sexual Fetishes

They say a voyeur and an exhibitionist are a match made in fetishism heaven. One loves to watch, the other loves to be watched. There are a lot of sexual fetishes that are fuelled by our sexual fantasies. Here are some of them.

#1 Podophilia
Probably one of the most common fetishes, Podophilia is sexual enjoyment derived from someone’s foot. Believe it or not, there are a lot of foot ‘worshipers’ out there and for them, feet are the biggest turn-on imaginable. Asian Escorts Brisbane encounters them most of the time.

Foot fetishism usually involves kissing, licking or sucking another person’s foot. Enthusiasts may also use the foot for masturbation. According to psychologists, podophiles often go for shorter, stubbier and rounded toes.

#2 Voyeurism
Ever heard of ‘Peeping Tom’? Think about it, most men have at least a little voyeur fetish. If not, why do we have porn? Voyeurism is basically getting aroused from looking at naked bodies or watching other people engage in intimate acts.

This type of fetish is actually illegal since doing it invades other people’s privacy. Voyeurs don’t really relate directly with their subjects of interest. Examples of extreme voyeuristic behaviours include observing unsuspecting strangers naked, undressing and having sex.

#3 Pygophilia
Are you often aroused by another person’s fanny? Pygophilia refers to being sexually aroused by seeing or touching someone else’s buttocks. Come to think of it, it’s a really common fetish that most people have somewhere inside of them!

However, extreme forms of Pygophilia may also cause harm. According to experts, symptoms of extreme Pygophilia include recurring sexual fantasies (abnormal amount of time spent thinking about butts) and intense sexual urges to touch someone’s behind.

#4 Underwear Fetishism
Another common fetish that most of us may be guilty of is underwear fetishism. Yes, being aroused by lots and lots of panties, lingerie and other undergarments. In fact, there’s an online black market for used panties (they say it’s very lucrative).

On the other hand, underwear fetishism refers to the sexual excitement some people experience from handling or observing underwear, used or not. This type of fetish is not really gender specific. So if your partner wants you to wear a certain type of underwear, you know what it means.

#5 Trichophilia
We know hair can be sensual and for those with hair fetishism, it may be the most erotic experience. Trichophilia refers to getting aroused by seeing, touching or playing with hair. Trichophilics don’t necessarily limit themselves to just head hair.

For example, men might enjoy the feel of a woman’s long, silky mane. More so, women might get aroused by chest hair and stubbles. Asian Escorts Brisbane shares that hair does have an erotic significance. Most of their clients are attracted to gorgeous-looking hair.


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